Tool Tips

Tool tips can be very important for helping conversion with web forms


Tool tips or hints are messages that are triggered automatically when the cursor hovers or clicks on an image, icon, input field, hyperlink or some other asset on a graphical user interface. For conversion tool tips can be particularly important for assisting users in completing forms, including registration and check-out forms.

Image of Leo Vegas registration form with tool tip displaying above the input field

In forms tool tips are often used to remind users what is required for an input field (e.g. number of characters, a mix of numbers and letters), but they are also used to explain why the information is required. This is an important role of tool tips for conversion as people often want reassurance that information won’t be misused and that it is required for good reason. If users are not convinced that a piece of information is not needed for a genuine reason they are more likely to skip the field.

Tool tips are also commonly used to confirm the nature of hyperlinks, icons and images to give instant feedback when a user’s cursor hovers or clicks on the item.


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