Image of AO.com homepage as example of well designed home page

Image of AO.com homepage as example of well designed home page

Homepage Definition:

A homepage is the default page for your website that introduces your site to visitors. Although it is multipurpose it should communicate what the site is about, establish credibility and trust and to encourage visitors to continue to the next step of the conversion journey. Often companies try to use the homepage for too many purposes and as a result in can become busy and distracting.

Image of comms-express.com homepage as example of poorly designed page
Source: Comms-Express.com

The homepage for comms-express.com above is especially crowded, disjointed and there no clear visual hierarchy. As you can see there isn’t even enough space on the screen to fit in all the content as the two banners on either side of the page are cut off before they end. This type of design can be very distracting and doesn’t fill the user with confidence that their delivery will be any better organised. Do they really need to show social media icons for sharing on the homepage?

Image of Amazon.com homepage as example of well designed homepage
Source: Amazon.com

Compare this with the Amazon.com home page or the AO.com homepage in the header of this post. Amazon has a hell of a lot more product lines to sell than Comms-Express but they manage to control their impulse to shout out about everything at once. There is much less clutter and a clear visual hierarchy.  The AO.com home page is brilliant at communicating their value proposition in a matter of seconds with prominent and clear messaging.


Your homepage is the first page many new visitors will see and so it is important that it creates the right impression. Research suggests that it takes visitors just 50 milliseconds (o.o5 seconds) to form an impression and decide whether they like the look of your website and will stay or leave the site. It is therefore essential that your homepage is focused on establishing credibility and guiding users to the next step in the user journey. Avoid clutter and mission creep on your homepage at all costs.


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