Ad Blocker

Ad blockers prevent ads being displayed in websites you visit

Ad Blocker Definition:

An ad blocker is software that prevents different kinds of advertising from appearing during a web user’s online experience. This includes most types of ads such as pop-ups, banner ads, overlays and will block ads on Facebook and YouTube. The programs allow users to browse the web without distractions and interruptions.

Image of average ad blocker rates by country
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The rise in popularity of ad blockers is partly due to how ad campaign costs are calculated. The cost of most online ad campaigns is based upon the number of impressions an ad receives and no attempt is made to consider the visitor’s response to the ad. This is an example of the cobra effect as it encourages media companies to optimise based upon number of impressions rather than the effectiveness of the campaign.

Alternative strategies that are less intrusive and are more aligned to user needs include discoverability marketing, contextual marketing and permission marketing.



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