Glossary of Conversion Marketing

Important terms in conversion marketing:

This glossary of conversion marketing contains 274 conversion, psychological biases and neuroscience terms that are used in website optimisation. It also includes many examples from A/B optimisation tests.

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In this glossary you will find many examples of how conversion marketing is successfully implemented in the real world. 

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Zero Price Effect

Conversion rate optimisation is central to all digital marketing activity as it determines how successful you will be in helping visitors achieve their goals and it also allows you to grow your business. As a result conversion marketing now covers a diverse range of skills and activities, from design, web analytics, human psychology, user experience, usability testing, customer research, competitor analysis and neuroscience. This glossary of conversion marketing is designed to assist you in understanding key terms and provides some real life examples for you to use in your day-to-day conversations. 

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  • About the author:  Neal provides digital marketing optimisation consultancy services and has worked for  brands such as,,, and He uses a variety of techniques, including web analytics, personas, customer journey analysis and customer feedback to improve a website’s conversion rate.