Undertaking a Website Evaluation:


A website evaluation, often called an heuristic assessment, is an expert led approach to identifying  potential areas for improvements. This is a practical approach, with the aid of shortcuts to produce ideas for further investigation and prioritisation. Ideally, this should be a group effort, and it can be beneficial to bring in people from a range of backgrounds and skills, including customers or prospects.

Prior to the evaluation, we assess the nature of the market and the dominant decision style that customers are likely to use to decide between different brands. In addition, we consider psychological motivations of  users as this helps us understand what might be important in driving conversions.

We use the Lift Model from Widerfunnel as a useful framework, and also an extensive check list which is based upon industry best practice, research and A/B testing experience.


The Widerfunnel.com lift model is a framework we use to conduct a heuristic analysis
Source: Widerfunnel.com



The Lift Model is used as a framework for the evaluation of each page of the user journey. The main elements of the model are:

      • Value proposition
      • Clarity
      • Relevance
      • Anxiety
      • Distraction
      • Urgency

We also consider other factors including:

      • How the landing page heading matches the Google search entry.
      • Potential for behavioural targeting.
      • Relevant user cases.
      • Persuasive techniques from Cialdini’s 6 principles.
      • Rewards and reward schedules.
      • Human instincts.
      • User motivation, ability and prompts.
Fogg Behaviour model
Image Source: BJ Fogg

The Fogg Behavioural model is another valuable framework we use in our website evaluation process.

For more details of our approach to website evaluations see our blog post on heuristic evaluations here.

The heuristic evaluation should be part of a more comprehensive assessment of your digital experience. This includes a technical analysis to check your website doesn’t suffer from any major bugs, web analytics to investigate user behaviour, visual analytics and usability testing. Our 8 step approach to conversion rate optimisation outlines how we improve revenues and conversions.

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