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Automated Web Analytics Reports and Insights from Google Analytics

Web analytics is only useful if it can deliver valuable insights and track your key performance indicators as required. We build automated web analytics reports and dashboards to deliver insights at your finger tips.

You will no longer have to wait for a report to be run by a web analyst. The report will be automatically updated for instant access and analysis. We use Google Data Studio, Power BI and other data visualisation tools to deliver the insights you need to make informed decisions about your website or app.

We’ll map your complex sales funnel on your website so that you can instantly see where most visitors drop out of the user journey. This automatically refreshes on a daily basis allowing you to see if changes you make are having a positive impact on sales and revenues.

Other reports we often build for clients include:

      • Daily, weekly and monthly dashboards for KPIs and user behaviour.
      • Complex funnel reports for measuring changes in drop off rates at each step of the user journey.
      • Acquisition reports for marketing campaigns and other sources of traffic.
      • Form analytics to show interaction and drop off levels in each form field.
      • Call-to-action success rates to identify when and where barriers to conversion occur.
      • Device and browser conversion analysis to measure performance across different technologies.
      • Scroll reach and engagement reports to understand the level of user interaction with your site or app.
      • BuildĀ  audiences for targeted remarketing and re-engagement campaigns in Google Ads.
    • Building automated reports from Google Analytics

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