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How To Create A High Performing Landing Page Design

  Why does your landing page design suck? Are you struggling with a conversion rate of less than 6% with your landing page design?  Are over 30% of your visitors bouncing and are your engagement metrics poor? Well, if  that is the case there is a strong likelihood that your page is suffering from one… Read More »

How To Undertake a Heuristic Evaluation of a Website

How does a heuristic evaluation improve conversion? A heuristic evaluation is an expert based analysis that applies experience-based techniques to identify and discover solutions to problems with a user experience. It is a structured approach to assessing an existing user design and though it offers no guarantees about being right, it is an important initial… Read More »

The Myth of The Average User

Beyond The Average User! Averages are everywhere in digital marketing. Mobile designers use average thumb size to determine button height and project teams often base decisions on the average user. Many metrics are also based on averages  such as click-through rates, open rate, conversion rate and average basket value. Whether we like it or not… Read More »

Why Should Marketers Target the Subconscious Mind?

Should we trust our gut instinct? If you believe everything written about the human mind on social media you would think that people are incapable of making a good decision. We are certainly prone to various cognitive biases that influence our judgement. Our herd instinct also leads us to copy the behaviour of others when faced with… Read More »

Should You Optimise Your Site For Your Best Customers?

What if most revenues are generated by a few customers? Some websites get most of their revenues from a relatively small proportion of high value (VIP) customers. This begs the question  should you optimise your site design around your most profitable segment of customers? How do we optimise the conversion rate? One of the most… Read More »

The Growth Strategy That’s Being Ignored!

Why is CRO failing to get traction in the boardroom? Why is it that Amazon Prime converts 74% of the time on and yet the average Ecommerce retailer only converts 3.1% of the time according to research by Millward Brown Digital? Even non-Prime customers convert 13% of the time. Bryan Eisenberg, CRO expert and… Read More »

9 Mistakes Companies Make With Website Optimisation

  There is plenty of advice on Twitter and other social media about how to improve website conversion. ConversionXL, Widerfunnel, and Hubspot to name but a few. Despite this many organisations continue to make some basic errors that seriously limit their ability to improve sales and revenues from website optimisation. Below are some of the most fundamental… Read More »

Why Does A One-Page Website Suck?

What Is A One-Page Website? Is a one-page website a passing fad that participants will in time see as a ghastly mistake or do they have a place as a practical alternative to the traditional large website? Now, I’m not questioning the role of a single page website for a landing page for promotions or product announcements, special project,… Read More »

6 Conversion Optimisation Myths That Must Die

  Common Conversion Optimisation Myths: There are a number of common conversion optimisation myths that must die. Conversion rate optimisation a strategic process that involves measuring performance and learning as we go. If we restrict our ability to learn by listening to commonly held conversion optimisation myths about design and optimisation we risk undermining the whole… Read More »