By - Neal Cole

How to Create a Funnel Analysis Report in Google Analytics 4

A Step-By-Step Guide to Create a Funnel Analysis Report in Google Analytics 4   The funnel analysis report in Google Analytics 4 is an awesome report which anyone involved in conversion rate optimisation will find invaluable. The report can help you instantly identify areas with the greatest potential for optimisation. It allows you to automate and compare completion rates for

Why site speed matters!
By - Neal Cole

How to improve site load speed to increase conversions

Does load speed matter? A slow loading webpage creates a poor user experience, but does it really make a significant difference if you have an awesome proposition, product or website? Well, Google discovered that page speed does matter big time and it shelved a potential improvement to its search engine results page as a direct result. After listening to customers

By - Neal Cole

10 Website & Shopping-Cart Abandonment Tools

Site & Shopping-Cart Abandonment Costs Money: Updated: 7th December 2017 On average, around 96% of people who visit a website will leave without generating a lead or converting. Many have no intention or desire to convert. They are probably not be in the market for what you sell or offer. Some will have arrived on your site by mistake or

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