By - Neal Cole

How to Track Element Visibility with GTM

Creating GTM Triggers to Track Element Visibility:   When analysing visitor behaviour, it can be incredibly useful to know if a specific piece of content appeared on a user journey. That’s why the element visibility trigger is one of the most versatile tools available in Google Tag Manager. Whether it’s an image, banner, button, table, error message, or some other

By - Neal Cole

Automating A Complex Funnel Visualisation in Data Studio

A Step-By-Step Guide to Automating a Complex Funnel Visualisation:   Attempting to automate a complex funnel visualisation in Data Studio can be difficult when you have multiple pages or events at certain steps in the user journey. Most experts suggest creating a goal in Google Analytics for each step in the journey. This is no help as goals don’t allow

By - Neal Cole

How to Create a Complex Funnel Visualisation in Data Studio

  Google’s Data Studio is a fantastic free data visualisation tool but it doesn’t have a complex funnel visualisation chart  for calculating your conversion rate. In addition it doesn’t allow you to use the funnel steps from Google Analytics goals. Most blogs suggest using a standard bar chart in Data Studio and creating a goal for each step in the

By - Neal Cole

10 SaaS Marketing Metrics For A Lean Business!

SaaS Marketing Metrics To Die For! SaaS marketing companies live and die by metrics because to grow a SaaS company rapidly and in a sustainable way it’s essential to quickly identify the effectiveness of different strategies and if necessary change tact swiftly to survive.   Metrics need to allow you to measure the impact of your strategy and  also identify

By - Neal Cole

How To Build A Strong A/B Testing Plan

7 Steps To Build A Strong A/B Testing Plan: Establishing an A/B testing plan can be one of the most effective ways of optimising your website or app. This is because it allows you to test your ideas with real visitors through a controlled experiment. However, don’t forget to conduct an audit of your user experience first to fix any

By - Neal Cole

What Makes A High Converting Real Estate Landing Page?

  Is Your Real Estate Landing Page Leaking Money?   The real estate and buy-to-let sector is highly competitive and derives most of its traffic from paid search advertising (i.e PPC and display advertising). For this reason it is especially important to optimise real estate landing page design when traffic is so expensive. I’ve already written about how to create

By - Neal Cole

Hotjar Analytics Review

  Hotjar Behavioural Analytics: If you want to improve your website conversion rate it’s essential that you understand the behaviour and motivations of your visitors. If like me you run a start-up and have a very limited budget you might think you can’t afford user experience analytics and customer feedback tools to evaluate how well your website is performing. Indeed, when

By - Neal Cole

15 User Experience Tools To Improve Conversions

User Experience Tools For CRO:   Minimising friction in the customer experience is crucial to conversion rate optimisation and so user experience tools that show you where and how your visitors interact with your site can provide valuable insights into where the pain points are in your customer journey.   User experience tools allow you to watch real customers browse

By - Neal Cole

Get Heatmaps, Form Analytics, Surveys & More for €89 A Month

Check out my most recent review of Hotjar as things have moved on since I wrote this post. What is Hotjar? I recently attended a conversion conference and was discussing the use of visual behaviour tools for gaining visitor insights. These tools can be expensive and so I was shocked to hear that a start-up is offering such a product

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