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Do Web Presenters Increase Conversion?


What Are The Benefits Of A Video Spokesperson?


If you visit the websites for Virgin Holidays, IoEE,,
Sheraton Hotels, Surefit Carpets, or many other sites you may come across a virtual website spokesperson or greeter. A video  spokesperson normally features a transparent background to create the impression that they are standing on your website and this means they grab attention.

Most websites use a video of real person for their presenter as this
can have more impact than an animated figure, but animation is another option for you to consider.

A video spokesperson can be an effective way of getting engagement when a visitor first arrives or your site to assist the onboarding process. They can also help explain  upsell or cross-sell during a key step in a customer journey.

Virgin Holidays achieved a 30% uplift in seat upgrades by using a MWP video spokesperson, whilst managed a 9% increase in online sign ups that went onto make a deposit by using
a virtual greeter to introduce and explain their service. Econsultancy
on the other hand employed a video spokesperson to explain their membership plans and increased sign ups by 15%.

Real Human Video Spokesperson:


The Video Spokesperson Directory provides comprehensive information about video spokespersons around the world. However, here are some video website greeter companies that I have come across.

 1. Bellmedia: Offers high quality video spokespersons and video  web banners. Cost includes 12-month free video hosting.



2. Easywebpresenter:  Provides a fresh tailored video web  presenter and greeter to add a dynamic edge to your website. Costs start from £79.99 and £24.99 for monthly rental.


3. innovatemedia: Employs actors and actresses to deliver a real
human spokesperson for your website to improve engagement and increase conversion. Choose from their talent database or from 2 to 3 actors and actresses at each shoot day.


4. LiveActor: With over 25 years video experience LiveActor can
deliver a video spokesperson for your website within 7 to 10 business days and they allow you to choose the actor online. Also offers video website banners and professional voiceover services.



5. Model2web: Allows you to view and select from models on
their website to create a virtual spokesperson for your website to improve engagement and sales. Prices start from $79 with no monthly fee, cost is a one off payment, with no hosting fee.


6.  MyWebPresenter: Guaranteed return or money back. Creates
professional web presenters and video spokesperson videos to engage visitors and improve conversion. Provides for continuous  A/B testing as standard to optimise the video content and delivery.


7. Studios1: Delivers video spokesperson to engage visitors as they land on your site. Offers over 150 actors and actresses to choose from.

8.  Videotile: Provides a full range of video services including website presenters, video mailers, explainer videos, video landing pages and background graphics and animation.



9. Vopres: Real-human video presenters to inspire trust, increase sales and reduce customer service costs.  Prices start from £395 for a 60 second video (minimum order of 3 videos).


Animated Video Presenters:


1. SitePal: Displays an animated speaking avatar to greet visitors to your site to improve engagement and reduce bounce rates. 15 day Free trial available. Over 250 stock avatars which can be customized, including using your own uploaded images and have an
API for advanced functionality.


2. CodeBaby: Offers a range of customized animated avatar solutions for both self-service and e-learning needs. Self-service includes conversion optimization which uses emotionally intelligent response segments to direct the customer experience towards your
business goal. Other solutions include benefits, health and service


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