The Psychology of CAPTCHA

How Does The Brain See A CAPTCHA? CAPTCHA’s are a popular way of stopping bots or machines interact with certain elements on a website. But how does a person’s brain react to a CAPTCHA? To understand this we need to consider how people make decisions. In his book Thinking, fast and slow, Daniel Kahneman outlines… Continue reading The Psychology of CAPTCHA

17 Psychological Conversion Optimisation Tips

How To Apply Psychology To Conversion Optimisation:   Conversion rate optimisation is about persuading visitors to convert. Persuasive content that ¬†utilises psychological triggers can help you significantly improve your conversion rate. Outlined below are 17 ways you can use such techniques to more effectively engage your visitors to increase your conversions.   1. Ownership focuses… Continue reading 17 Psychological Conversion Optimisation Tips

7 Myths About Conversion Optimisation!

Revised 28th November 2017: Don’t Make These Conversion Optimisation Mistakes: As online businesses have matured and competition for customers has intensified, conversion optimisation has become an increasingly important method for improving the customer experience and ultimately conversion. Developing a program of conversion optimisation using split (A/B) testing and Multivariate Testing (MVT) enables organisations to identify… Continue reading 7 Myths About Conversion Optimisation!