By - Neal Cole

How To Build A Strong A/B Testing Plan

7 Steps To Build A Strong A/B Testing Plan: Establishing an A/B testing plan can be one of the most effective ways of optimising your website or app. This is because it allows you to test your ideas with real visitors through a controlled experiment. However, don’t forget to conduct an audit of your user experience first to fix any

By - Neal Cole

How To Get Started With Google Optimize

Google Optimize –  Free A/B Testing Solution:   UPDATED BLOG HERE (June 2020): How to set up and run experiments in Google Optimize.    Google Optimize is a powerful free A/B testing and  personalisation solution that is revolutionising online experimentation like Google Analytics did for web analytics. Optimize allows web masters to conduct A/B and multivariate tests  without the need

By - Neal Cole

Is Survivorship Bias Destroying Your Optimisation Strategy?

Survivorship Bias & Website Optimisation:   During World War II, researchers at the US Center for Naval Analyses were given a difficult problem to solve.  They were asked to recommend where to reinforce US bombers to reduce aircraft losses over enemy territory.  They decided to conduct a review of the damage inflicted on US bombers that returned from combat missions.

By - Neal Cole

Artificial Intelligence & Conversion Optimisation

Artificial Intelligence & Rapid Optimisation: Digital marketing is a zero-sum game – it’s survival of the fittest. Brands have to respond to changing customer needs and new technology like artificial intelligence as otherwise they are likely to go out of business. What if you could use artificial intelligence to replicate evolutionary pressures to automatically adapt and adjust your site according

By - Neal Cole

How To Optimise Conversions Using A/B Tests

6 Types of A/B Tests You Should Be Running:   When people talk about A/B tests they often refer to call to action button changes and landing page tests.  They also sometimes talk about only changing one element on a page at a time to ensure you can tell exactly what generated the difference between the two experiences. This last point of view

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