By - Neal Cole

How to Create a Pagespeed Insights Competitor Dashboard in Data Studio

  A Step-By-Step Guide to Create a Google Pagespeed Insights Competitor Dashboard   Google’s Pagespeed Insights and Data Studio are awesome free resources. Pagespeed Insights is a must have resource for conversion rate optimisation because we know there is a proven link between page load speed and conversion.  The problem I had was how do I create a Google Pagespeed

By - Neal Cole

How to improve site load speed to increase conversions

Does load speed matter? A slow loading webpage creates a poor user experience, but does it really make a significant difference if you have an awesome proposition, product or website? Well, Google discovered that page speed does matter big time and it shelved a potential improvement to its search engine results page as a direct result. After listening to customers

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By - Neal Cole

Image Optimisation Tools To Improve Load Speed

14 Resources For Image Optimisation: Pictures are important for websites because studies indicate that a relevant image improves engagement and views of a page. Images grab our attention and can trigger emotions much more quickly than text. Our brains process images almost instantly, but it takes much longer to read copy. But do you need worry about  image optimisation? Serving images has a cost as