By - Neal Cole

Creating a Development and Testing Process for Google Tag Manager

  A Step-By-Step Guide to Google Tag Manager Development & Testing   Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful and free tag management platform that allows you to configure and enrich data sent to Google Analytics. However, unless you have a robust process for development and testing you will miss opportunities to improve data quality and insights from Google Analytics.

By - Neal Cole

A Guide To Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics

A Step-By-Step Guide To Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics: Cross-domain tracking is often the last piece in the jigsaw to enable measurement of the complete user journey. It is essential for many websites because few sites can host every step of  the user journeys such as the payment gateway or price comparison search engines. For this reason cross-domain tracking is

By - Neal Cole

Setting Up Enhanced Ecommerce with Google Tag Manager

A Step-Step Guide to Enhanced Ecommerce in GTM: Enhanced Ecommerce reporting is one the most valuable ways of enriching the data collected by Google Analytics. It generates a series of reports by enabling additional metrics and dimensions to capture data on user interactions with your products or services on your website store. Enhanced E-commerce tracking in Google Analytics is superior

Tailor your copy for maximum conversions
By - Victoria Greene

How To Tailor Your Copy For Maximum Conversions

Conversion Rate Optimisation Best Practices 2018 For New Website Copy: Conversion rate can be summarised as the average number of users who take a desired action while visiting your website, be that purchasing a product, signing up to an email list, or whatever. A high conversion rate is good news for your business, and there are a lot of factors

By - Neal Cole

Website Rating Software & Customer Review Platforms

  Establish Trust  To Improve Traffic & Conversions:  Updated 04/08/20 – Scroll down to see E-commerce customer review platforms:   Trust is just as important online as it is offline. That’s why many people use website rating reputation tools to check out websites, links and files before they decide to interact with them. Website owners can also use these tools

By - Neal Cole

How Does Culture influence Digital Marketing

How Culture Influences Conversions:   Does culture influence digital marketing and website optimisation? Marketing is about persuading visitors to take action. But what if your visitors come from a range of different countries and cultures?  Will one strategy work for all visitors even though they come from different cultures? Design and culture are highly interrelated and yet little allowance is

Using icons without labels can reduce the use of navigation elements
By - Neal Cole

Are Icons Without Labels Conversion Killers?

Are you annoying visitors by having icons without labels?  Labels are helpful right? Without labels we are unable to categorise products, services, websites, cars, even people and many other things. So WTF  – I keep coming across websites and apps that use icons without labels. Are they completely mad or do they think it is cool to create uncertainty and

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