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How To Improve Conversion Using Onboarding Platforms.


Top Onboarding Platforms To Increase Conversions

Research by the Nielsen Norman Group indicates that most visitors will take just 10 to 12 seconds to decide whether to exit a webpage if it doesn’t sufficiently engage them. Users know that websites are of highly variable quality and are ruthlessly looking to abandon the dross as soon as they can. So if there is any room for confusion over what the next step in the user journey might be you can be sure this will adversely affect your conversion rate.

Why not try improve the onboarding process by giving visitors assistance with navigation guidance or tutorials? Why leave it to chance that users will understand how to use a new feature or know what the next step in the sign-up process is. Give them some help and improve your conversion rate by using one or more of the  following customer onboarding tools.

10 Onboarding Tools To Improve Engagement & Revenues:

1. Appcues: Serves tooltip-style messages/action to provide a product tour to ensure visitors understand how to navigate or get the most out of feature. It also offers a full-screen ‘Welcome page’, a slide-out and in-app alert. You can inform your customers of new features using bold messaging with a video, gif or coach marks to engage visitors to try out your new enhancement. In addition, Appcues allows you to segment visitors using intelligent targeting so that you can show the right experience to the appropriate user at the best time to improve conversion.

Pricing: Plans start from $99 a month for up to 1,000 monthly
active users (MAUs) who are defined as visitors who sign-in to your platform in any given month. The ‘Growth’ plan starts from $699 a month for up to 20,000 MAU’s and there is a ‘Custom’ plan for large enterprises which offers unlimited MAU’s.


2. Autosend: This is a brilliant tool for setting up automated personalised behavioural and transactional communications with your customers via email, text or in-app messages. This kind of lifecycle messaging is a proven means to re-engage existing customers to inform them about new features or promotions
that are relevant to them. Autosend also supports real-time segmentation to allow messaging based upon their activity on your website, products of interest and other metrics or actions that you track (e.g. transactions or high value customers).

The tool integrates with many popular solutions to allow you to
create relevant filters for your customer segments and also offers A/B testing capabilities. The dashboard enables you to configure up-sell, down-sells and other messaging types to reduce churn and increase revenues.

Pricing: Plans start from $50 a month for up to 500 active users and 500 SMS messages. The ‘Pro’ plan costs $600 a month for up to 30,000 active users and 30,000 SMS messages a month. There is also a free plan for 50 messaged users and 25 SMS texts.


3. Intercom.oi: Offers an extensive range of onboarding solutions
from live chat, targeted email and in-app messages, gathering of customer feedback and providing customer support inside your web or mobile app, and by email. The platform provides real-time analytics of what is happening on your site and allows you to segment visitors to deliver targeted messaging when they return to your site or app (e.g. inform them about a new release or promotion).

image of onboarding solutions


Pricing: All single solutions (e.g. Live Chat) start from $49 a
month and an additional product can be added from $4 a month.


4. Iridize:  This tool monitors and analyses browsing behaviour
to serve prominent and relevant messaging to assist user navigation when likely to be most effective on your website. You can set rule-based messaging, including timers, triggers and conditions for your messaging to improve their relevance. Segment messages for specific groups or even individuals based upon rules and visitor activity on your website.

In addition the tool allows you to A/B test messages, text, design and timing to understand what works best. You can also sync across devices to ensure users can continue a user journey from where they left off. Free Net Promoter Score (NPS) also available.

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Pricing: A free plan is available for up to 100 users and simple tooltips. The ‘Professional’ plan has a free trial period for you to try out the solution and agree a price with Iridize. The is also an enterprise ‘Customized’ plan for large organisation.


5.  HelloBar: Free tool which displays a visible bar that sits at
the top of a web page to draw the web visitors’  attention. HelloBar acts as a primary website call-to-action. You
can include HelloBar on one page, several pages, or across your entire website.

6. Mytips: Offers on screen tool-tip style messaging triggered by user actions or other criteria that you wish to use (e.g. location
or page viewed) to ensure highly targeted and relevant engagement with your visitors. It also provides help messages with hints and tips across your product to provide on-demand contextual help for your customers. You can guide first time visitors with automatically launched tutorials and introduce visitors to new features to improve usage and revenues.

image visual builder

Pricing: Plans begin from $59 a month for ‘Startup’ which is for up to 1,000 monthly active users (MAUs), ‘Growth’ goes up to 5,000 active MAUs and ‘Business’ extends to 10,000 MAUs. ‘Let’s Talk’ is the enterprise plan with unlimited MAUs. All plans offer a 14 day free trial period.


7. Payboard: Uses automated content A/B testing to learn which  user journeys deliver the most value to your business and
serves navigation recommendations via “boosters” to guide visitors to those pages with the highest conversion rate. Boosters serve intelligent and personalised navigation recommendations to each user to improve engagement and increase conversion for your specific business goals.

Pricing: Plan are divided into either self-service or full-service. Full-service means that Payboard’s experts approve boosters and tune the design of your boosters for maximum clicks and conversion. After a month you can switch from a full-service plan to a self-service plan once Payboard have set everything up for you. The
self-service plans range from $10 a month for up to 1,000 page views (Small plan)  to $90 for up to 1 million page views (Large). All self-service plans come with a 30 day free trial.

The full-service plans begin with the ‘Starter’ at $90 for up to 10,000 page views, ‘Standard’ at $270 for up to 100,000 page views and ‘Premium’ at $810 for up to 1 million page views.


8. TourMyApp: Serves in-app guided tours to help users’ complete tasks in your web application. It serves a ‘getting started’ tour when they log in for the first time and highlights advanced or unused features when appropriate.  Allows you to create fully interactive
tours, where the tour can progress as the user completes specific tasks, such as clicking a button or entering some text.

It supports tours that run across a number of pages and can manage dynamically loading elements and AJAX pages. It even tracks who has seen a tour so that a user will not be shown it more than once. Analytics allow you to monitor how users interact with the tours and identify which steps result in users abandoning the tour and how
often a tour is run.

Pricing: ‘Start’ plan costs $24 a month for up to 1,000 tour runs a month and the ‘Achiever’ plan costs $250 a month for up to 50,000 tour runs. The ‘Enterprise’ plan gives you over 50,000 tour runs. All plans come with a 30 day free trial period.


9. Tutorialize: This serves tooltip-style messages/actions on your website and allows you to highlight key elements of a page whilst the rest of the content is greyed out. It is great for introducing visitors to a new feature or nudging customers towards the next step in a user journey.

Pricing: All plans offer a 100% full featured 20-day free trial.
Plans start from $14 per month for up to 4,000 tutorial plays and go up to $59 a month for unlimited tutorial plays.


Pricing: All plans offer a 100% full featured 20-day free trial. Plans start from $14 per month for up to 4,000 tutorial plays and go up to $59 a month for unlimited tutorial plays.


10. Walkme: A visitor guidance and engagement platform which displays a tab adjacent to the next recommended navigation call
to action. This encourages self-service, accelerates training and software adoption, improves conversion, reduces customer service costs and improve the customer experience. It can also be used to train employees to use online CRM and marketing tools to boost their productivity.

Pricing: A basic free plan overs 3 walk-thrus, up to 5 steps per walk-thru and 300 assists per month. The ‘Custom’ plan offers unlimited walk-thrus and assists, with multiple support options and multiple domains. Contact Walkme for a quote.


These are great solutions to help improve conversion and worth signing up for a free trial if you can. Thank you for reading my post and if you found it useful please feel free to share using the social media icons below.

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