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11 Tips to Become a Better Java Developer

A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Better Java Developer:   Java is an object-oriented programming language that was launched way back in 1995. It is the second most popular programming language after C and is used in client-side A/B testing to manipulate a web page in the browser. Java is immensely popular among developers due to its simplicity and versatility.

By - Neal Cole

How to connect Google Analytics 4 to BigQuery.

Connecting Google Analytics 4 to BigQuery – A Step-by-Step Guide   Google Analytics 4 brings data science to the mass market by allowing you to export data for free to Google BigQuery, Google’s powerful cloud based data warehouse platform.  Google Analytics 4 has many innovative features which makes it a valuable complement to Universal Analytics. One of these benefits is

By - Neal Cole

Create an Exploration Report in Google Analytics 4

A Step-By-Step Guide to Create an Exploration Report in Google Analytics 4   Google Analytics 4 offers users a powerful suit of insight tools in the form of the Analysis Hub. I have previously covered how to create a funnel report in Google Analytics 4, and this should be one of your go to reports for optimising your site or

By - Neal Cole

Using Predictive Audiences in Google Analytics 4:

In October 2020, Google launched its machine learning web analytics platform, Google Analytics 4. GA4 not only offers advanced web analytics, but its predictive audiences can be used to identify which users are most likely to convert or churn.  This allows marketers to create more effective campaigns in Google Ads for both remarketing and re-engagement. GA4 could also allow marketers

By - Neal Cole

How to Create a Funnel Analysis Report in Google Analytics 4

A Step-By-Step Guide to Create a Funnel Analysis Report in Google Analytics 4   The funnel analysis report in Google Analytics 4 is an awesome report which anyone involved in conversion rate optimisation will find invaluable. The report can help you instantly identify areas with the greatest potential for optimisation. It allows you to automate and compare completion rates for

By - Neal Cole

How to create events in the Google Analytics 4 Interface

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Events in Google Analytics 4 Interface:   Google Analytics 4, Google’s machine learning powered web analytics platform, is an event-based solution for the modern digital experience. Unlike Universal Analytics, users can create new events in Google Analytics 4 within the new interface. This  enables users to create more targeted goals (now called conversions), and to

By - Neal Cole

How to Track Events in Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager

A Step-By-Step Guide to Events in Google Analytics 4: Updated 17/2/2021 Tracking events in Google Analytics 4 lies at the heart of Google’s new AI powered web analytics platform. Unlike Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 uses an event driven model to identify new insights about web or app users. GA4 automatically measure some types of events, such as clicks on

By - Neal Cole

How To Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager

  A Step-By-Step Guide to Implementing Google Analytics 4 with GTM Updated 17/04/2021 Google Analytics 4 is the innovative next generation web analytics platform from Google. GA4 has been created using the power of machine learning to automatically alert you to new trends in user behaviour. In addition, the old interface of ‘Audience’, ‘Acquisition’, ‘Behaviour’, and ‘Conversion’ has been replaced

By - Neal Cole

Google Tag Manager Preview Mode

A Step-By-Step Guide to Google Tag Manager Preview Mode:   The new Google Tag Manager Preview mode offers a powerful platform for testing and debugging  the implementation of GTM tags and Google Analytics on your website. It allows you to examine in real-time  which tags are firing on a web page,  which tags are being blocked, what data is being

By - Neal Cole

How to Use Chrome Dev Tools For Debugging Google Analytics and GTM

A Step-By-Step Guide to Chrome Dev Tools for Google Analytics:   Google Chrome Dev Tools allow you to test and debug your analytics implementation to ensure the level of data integrity matches your expectations. As a web analytics consultant I frequently see the consequences of where there has been little or no attempt to test and debug Google Analytics and