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By - Neal Cole

Image Optimisation Tools To Improve Load Speed

14 Resources For Image Optimisation: Pictures are important for websites because studies indicate that a relevant image improves engagement and views of a page. Images grab our attention and can trigger emotions much more quickly than text. Our brains process images almost instantly, but it takes much longer to read copy. But do you need worry about  image optimisation? Serving images has a cost as

By - Neal Cole

Cross Browser Testing Tools To Improve Conversions

Why Cross-Browser Testing Tools? Do you every wonder why your conversion rate is significantly lower on some browsers and devices? This is because web pages can look very different in each browser they are viewed in because a browser understands some code slightly different than other browsers. This can often be the cause of your conversion rate being significantly lower

By - Neal Cole

10 Website & Shopping-Cart Abandonment Tools

Site & Shopping-Cart Abandonment Costs Money: Updated: 7th December 2017 On average, around 96% of people who visit a website will leave without generating a lead or converting. Many have no intention or desire to convert. They are probably not be in the market for what you sell or offer. Some will have arrived on your site by mistake or