By - Neal Cole

46 Reasons Why MPs Should Stop Brexit Now

Updated: 17/06/2018: Stop Brexit To Protect The UK’s Future: Do you want to stop Brexit? It is increasingly clear that Brexit is a huge act of self-harm and it is already damaging the UK economically and reducing its influence in the world. Leaving the EU will make the UK a mere follower as it will be obliged to follow the

By - Neal Cole

How Does The Backfire Effect Shape Beliefs?

Why do facts not change opinions? There is a general misconception that by presenting facts and figures that contradict a person’s existing beliefs we can change their opinion. In reality the backfire effect suggests it can have the opposite effect. Hilary Clinton certainly tried to use facts and figures in the 2016 US presidential election. However,  she failed to win

By - Neal Cole

7 Marketing Lessons From The Brexit Campaigns

Why Did Leave Win? The UK’s EU referendum result surprised many people outside the UK. But a review of the strategies used by the campaigns  gives some clear reasons for the outcome and provides some important lessons for marketers.  The Remain campaign was expected to win partly because of the uncertainty that leaving the UK would create. The fact that

By - Neal Cole

Referendum a “Device of Dictators and Demagogues”?

Updated 5/1/2018: Is the EU referendum the will of the people? The EU referendum result  has huge implications for the UK and yet referendum have a very chequered history as a democratic device. Despite a slim majority (52%) being in favour of leaving the EU most politicians claim it was a “clear result” and frequently state that it was the

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By - Neal Cole

Are we taking the benefits of European membership for granted?

Until a few weeks ago I was busy optimising the websites and apps for 4 brands at a large online gaming company. I had 10 A/B tests running simultaneously and was seeing some excellent results that should have given a good return on investment. However, the company had recently been taken over and the preferred organisational structure was to replace

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