By - Neal Cole

Is It Time To Kill-Off The Conversion Funnel?

Does The Conversion Funnel Exist? The conversion or sales funnel is based upon linear models of decision making such as  A.I.D.A (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). This ignores the reality that people don’t mindlessly go though each step in a mythical conversion funnel until they complete a purchase. People are highly connected and use their social networks extensively to identify different ways they

Image of beautiful women used by ecommerce retailer
By - Neal Cole

Are Images of Beautiful Women a Distraction?

Do Images of Beautiful Women Influence Behaviour? Images of beautiful of women are often used on websites to get attention and sell product. This is probably because sex is one of our strongest and most basic instincts. We sometimes make decisions on the possibility of having sex, having more sex or being more sexually attractive. However, brand guardians sometimes challenge the use of images

By - Neal Cole

Over 50 Awesome Social Media Marketing Tools

Why are social media marketing tools important? Social media  marketing tools have become more valuable as the use of online social networks have exploded over the last decade. For many people social networks are one of their main sources of information and news. Millions of people share photos, messages and content every day on social media. Are social networks anything

Conversion rate optimisation is a strategic process for driving business growth
By - Neal Cole

6 Conversion Optimisation Myths That Must Die

  Common Conversion Optimisation Myths: There are a number of common conversion optimisation myths that must die. Conversion rate optimisation a strategic process that involves measuring performance and learning as we go. If we restrict our ability to learn by listening to commonly held conversion optimisation myths about design and optimisation we risk undermining the whole optimisation process. These myths must

By - Neal Cole

6 Myths About Word Of Mouth Marketing

Importance of peer-to-peer influence:   Word of mouth is an important element of peer-to-peer influence. Our herd instinct is a powerful force in spreading new ideas, culture, products or behaviour. Without visibility a new practice or technology will not spread to the wider population. As a result word of mouth (WoM) marketing has grown in importance as businesses have recognised

By - Neal Cole

Do Brand Guidelines Suffocate Innovation ?

  Your brand is one of the most powerful assets your organisation has but do brand guidelines help or hinder its development? Your brand serves as a short-cut to decision making as it should be instantly recognisable. The mere-exposure effect suggests that the more people are exposed to a brand the more favourable them become to it.   Rightly or

By - Neal Cole

Is Digital Marketing A Zero-Sum Game?

Predatory Thinking – Bring the champagne to the party!   Dave Trott’s Predatory Thinking is an inspiring book.  It’s a highly readable and engaging book full of brilliant anecdotes and short stories. It made me reflect on life and work. For me it has some great insights that are very salient to both digital marketing and conversion optimisation. Dave recently

Brands have to connect at both an explicit and emotional level
By - Neal Cole

Do People Connect With Brands Emotionally?

Are Emotional Benefits Important? Marketing people often talk about connecting emotionally with the target audience. Brands want to engage with us at an emotional level. They encourage us to like them on Facebook. Indeed, research often brings out emotional responses to products and services. So emotional benefits must be key to understanding what motivates people to buy, right? Perhaps not!

Market research can be frustrating when you realise how many business people perceive the industry
By - Neal Cole

What Do Business People Think About Market Research?

There are many misconceptions held by business people about how to conduct and use market research. This can be frustrating when you work in market research on the client-side. Some recent posts on Twitter suggest that research agencies are often at fault, but I disagree as I found the attitudes about research among some of my colleagues to be one

By - Neal Cole

8 Reasons To Start A Blog Today!

  To Blog Or Not To Blog – That Is The Question! It’s FREE and easy to set up and maintain. Using a blog platform is very easy and it’s simple to choose from a range of free design templates. When you want to change the template you can do this for all your posts at the click of a