Are we taking the benefits of European membership for granted?

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Until a few weeks ago I was busy optimising the websites and apps for 4 brands at a large online gaming company. I had 10 A/B tests running simultaneously and was seeing some excellent results that should have given a good return on investment. However, the company had recently been taken over and the preferred organisational structure was to replace centralised teams with roles dedicated to an individual brand. As a result my role disappeared and the company decided to recruit junior people for each brand to do my job. This was not ideal for me, but these things happen.

Luckily I was approached almost immediately to work on a short-term project as a freelance consultant in Paris. Although this was only for a month I jumped at the chance to gain experience of a new sector and the opportunity to work as a freelance consultant.

I have now completed the project, but as result of the work I was doing in Paris a local company has asked me if I could improve their websites for them. This has led me to investigate setting up my own business. This is obviously a risk, but it got me thinking about the up and coming European Union referendum.

Would I have been able to work in Paris if the UK were not part of the single market? Probably not as free movement of labour from a non-European Union country is not guaranteed. Sure, we have lots of people moving to the UK for work, but it works both ways. Is this something we now take for granted? My experience reminded me of the amazing opportunities there are for working in other countries because of our membership of the European Union. It would certainly be a great loss if we don’t retain the freedom to work in other European countries because of the referendum result.

Thanks for reading this short post, and if you need some help optimising your website or apps, whether you are in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, or any other European country, please bear me in mind.

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By Neal Cole

Neal is Chief Optimisation Consultant at Conversion Uplift Ltd. He has over 10 years experience of A/B testing and improving conversion rates for major international brands across multiple sectors, including gaming and financial services.