Image of chart showing trade since the UK joined the EU
Image Source: The Financial Times

Stop Brexit Blog Posts:

Brexit is a mess, even Leavers are largely against Theresa May’s withdrawal plan with the EU. Notice there is no mention of £350m a week extra for the NHS and even the Dominic Raab who helped negotiate the agreement admits the UK will be worse off than if we stayed in the EU with the existing deal.

As Chair of Wrexham for Europe I’ve been speaking to people on the doorstep in Wrexham and people are generally sick to death with Brexit. However, we have not even left the EU yet and we have not begun the negotiations on a free trade deal. This means that unless we stop Brexit now it will continue to suck the energy out of British politics and cost billions of pounds for many years to come.

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Template letters to stop Brexit – Brexit letter templates for Theresa May and MPs.

The £350 million a week lie – The Boris Johnson Brexit bus lie.

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  • About the author:  Neal Cole is a digital marketer who has worked in a number of European cities including Paris and London, and also in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.   He is the founder of Conversion Uplift Ltd which provides digital optimisation consultancy services and is the Chair of Wrexham for Europe. You can contact Wrexham for Europe by emailing them at, follow them on Twitter @wrexhamforeu or join their Facebook group.

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