By - Ruchi Ruchi Goel

How Do Visual Design feedback Tools Help Optimise Websites?

Why visual design feedback? Insightful visual design feedback can prevent changes being made to your site that can damage the user experience and reduce your conversion rate.  Your website should be like a highly-tuned racing car that provides  a high performance and competitive driving experience. A website’s code, design and content are like the car’s engine, body and fuel respectively.

By - Koushik Marka

10 Tips To Create An Awesome Whiteboard Animation Video

How to create an awesome whiteboard animation video: We have all seen a great teacher use a whiteboard to explain and inspire students. Well, a whiteboard animation videos can do exactly the same. Drawings and animation have always had a special place in storytelling, both when we were children and even now. That’s simply because drawings make understanding much easier.

By - Charlie Carpenter

How to choose the right eCommerce platform

Getting the right eCommerce Platform for your business: As crowds migrate from the mall to the mouse, it’s natural that you want to get in on the eCommerce action. It may not surprise you that, according to the US Department of Commerce, 53% of internet users made an online purchase in 2016. That number is only set to increase. Whether

By - Chris Schimkat

UX Strategies For Google’s Mobile First Index

Mobile First – New UX Strategies You Need Implementing mobile-focused UX (user-experience) is now more important than ever, as the mobile first index is progressively rolled out across all websites. The mobile version of your website is now used as the starting point for determining rankings. In the past, the desktop was always crawled first, and mobile was considered the