By - Neal Cole

How To Block Spam & Bots From Google Analytics

Don’t Let Spam and Bots Infect Google Analytics: One of the main frustrations I have with Google Analytics is how to keep my data clean of spam and bot traffic. Web analytics is critical to conversion rate optimisation. You need reliable data to measure the performance of your digital marketing activity and the last thing you need is data in

By - Anna Kayfitz

Best Practices for Data Management for B2B Marketing

Good Data Management Ensures Data Is Your Biggest Asset: No one denies the importance of data in today’s B2B Marketing world. Now, more than ever, marketers are being challenged to generate leads for sales, increase their marketing ROI, improve partnerships and communications between the company and prospects or clients. Data can improve your overall marketing strategy at every step of

By - Neal Cole

How To Get PPC Marketing Campaigns To Convert!

PPC Marketing – Learn The Basics!   PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing  is an important source of leads or sales for many digital businesses. It is estimated that if we combine the USA and the UK marketers currently spend over $80 billion on digital advertising, with a large share of this accounted for by PPC.   What is PPC Marketing?   PPC

By - Neal Cole

4 Design Trends That Are Conversion Killers

Four Conversion Killers To Avoid: Conversion killers are often caused by designers and webmasters copying trends and ideas they see on other websites. Many of these ideas are then implemented without a proper evaluation of how they influence user behaviour and conversion rates. Designers and webmasters often assume the sites they are copying have tested the element first. Unfortunately this is