By - Jack Rubinstein

How To Improve Your Shopify SEO

Optimising Your Shopify Store Guest post by Jack Rubinstein: Shopify is a popular platform for ecommerce businesses. Shopify has more than one million active users and over $46 billion worth of products sold to-date, it is a ready-made site for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to sell their goods to customers who are already there and looking to buy.

By - Neal Cole

Skyrocket Conversions By Fixing Your User Experience

  A broken user experience can completely kill conversions, and yet many companies make changes without evidence and launch features no one wants. Why do companies put so little effort into fixing their user experience? Could it be that no one ever gets promoted for fixing a broken user experience, but shiny new features are much more likely to be

By - Neal Cole

Should You Hire A Conversion Rate Optimisation Consultant?

  Benefits of Hiring a conversion rate optimisation consultant?   Many organisations are employing conversion rate optimisation specialists to set up CRO programmes, but what are the benefits of hiring a conversion rate optimisation consultant or agency? Companies often find that their CRO programmes fail to deliver the benefits they expect and so here are nine reasons why you should

By - Neal Cole

11 Insights From Conversion Elite 2017

Conversion Elite, Manchester, 2nd November 2017 Whenever I attend a conference I like to spend five minutes at the end of the event to write down the big take-outs. This helps me reflect on the key themes and it forces me to consider what I should change or add to my approach to conversion rate optimisation. Confirmation bias is the