Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Myth of The Average User

Beyond The Average User! Averages are everywhere in digital marketing. Mobile designers use average thumb size to determine button height and project teams often base decisions on the average user. Many metrics are also based on averages  such as click-through rates, open rate, conversion rate and average basket value. Whether we like it or not… Read More »

What Can Brands Learn From The 2017 General Election Campaign?

8 Marketing Lessons From Theresa May’s Campaign When Theresa May called the general election in April the polls were showing a lead for the Conservative Party of up to 20 points. It looked certain that May would get a much improved majority in parliament. However, during the course of the campaign the Conservative’s lead almost… Read More »

Web Form Design Best Practices To Optimise Conversions

62 Web Form Design Best Practices Whether it’s a contact form, registration form or check-out process, forms can be a significant barrier to conversion. Even a simple opt-in form can create friction and anxiety about entering personal information online. A well designed and optimised form  is an important feature of any website. People usually expect… Read More »