By - Neal Cole

CRO & The Growth Strategy That’s Being Ignored

Why is CRO failing to get traction in the boardroom?   Why is it that Amazon Prime converts 74% of the time on and yet the average Ecommerce retailer only converts 3.1% of the time according to research by Millward Brown Digital? Even non-Prime customers convert 13% of the time. Bryan Eisenberg, CRO expert and thought leader suggests that

By - Neal Cole

Is LinkedIn The New Facebook?

LinkedIn & The First Rule of Social Media Marketing: I recently saw this post on LinkedIn and wondered why some users were surprised by the negative comments it received. The post reads; “Last weekend I had the pleasure of travelling to Berlin on a private chartered plane. After being escorted through security ‘VIP’ , we were met with Prosecco before

By - Neal Cole

The Bandwagon Effect and Why People Follow the Crowd

What is the Bandwagon Effect?   The bandwagon effect is a psychological tendency where the adoption of ideas, products or behaviour increases with the uptake (or perceived uptake) by others. This means the propensity of people taking up the phenomenon rises as more people decide or appear  to follow the trend (i.e. jump on the bandwagon). The bandwagon effect is

By - Neal Cole

Artificial Intelligence & Conversion Optimisation

Artificial Intelligence & Rapid Optimisation: Digital marketing is a zero-sum game – it’s survival of the fittest. Brands have to respond to changing customer needs and new technology like artificial intelligence as otherwise they are likely to go out of business. What if you could use artificial intelligence to replicate evolutionary pressures to automatically adapt and adjust your site according

By - Neal Cole

Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy

    Conversion rate optimisation strategy co-ordinates: I’ve previously written about conversion rate optimisation strategy mistakes where I outlined some fundamental errors that some organisations make with implementing digital optimisation programs. I have also written about conversion rate optimisation strategy used by successful companies.  But here I bring them together to look at conversion rate optimisation strategies from a clever/stupid perspective.

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