By - Neal Cole

7 Free Online Persona Templates

Free Persona Templates To Improve The Customer Experience : A buyer persona is a great tool for improving understanding of your important customer segments and communicating  this knowledge to the wider business. Personas help bring your customers to life and get away from using descriptive statistics that rely on averages that are highly misleading. There is no such thing as an

By - Neal Cole

How To Use Buyer Personas To Improve Conversions

Buyer Personas and website optimisation: Why is it that there is so much talk about creating buyer personas and yet I often see little evidence that they are utilised effectively to improve the bottom line and increase conversion rates? Creating buyer personas make a lot of sense but rarely do they appear to be discussed when companies create website optimisation

Why site speed matters!
By - Neal Cole

How to improve site load speed to increase conversions

Does load speed matter? A slow loading webpage creates a poor user experience, but does it really make a significant difference if you have an awesome proposition, product or website? Well, Google discovered that page speed does matter big time and it shelved a potential improvement to its search engine results page as a direct result. After listening to customers

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