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By - Neal Cole

What Was The Top Blog Post of 2016

The Top Blog Post – What Happened in 2016? 2016 has been a great year for Conversion-Uplift as I now offer conversion rate consultancy services to a range of organisations. I also migrated from Tumblr to a WordPress and published a Glossary of Conversion Marketing. This has over 250 pages of definitions and examples from the commercial world. But what

By - Neal Cole

Why is auto-play always bad for conversions?

  Auto-play is bad for website accessibility! Do you find it annoying when someone who is playing music or a video in a public place doesn’t use headphones, but expects you to listen to their music or movie choice without you having a say in the matter? Well, how do you think your visitors might feel when they land on

By - Neal Cole

11 Strategies From The Paradox of Choice To Boost Conversions!

Why More Is Less & The Paradox of Choice! In his book The Paradox of Choice – Why more is less, Barry Schwartz challenges the myth that giving people more choice is positive and makes people feel in control. Rather, he suggests that the paradox of choice is that too much choice creates anxiety and reduces satisfaction with the choices

By - Neal Cole

How Does The Backfire Effect Shape Beliefs?

Why do facts not change opinions? There is a general misconception that by presenting facts and figures that contradict a person’s existing beliefs we can change their opinion. In reality the backfire effect suggests it can have the opposite effect. Hilary Clinton certainly tried to use facts and figures in the 2016 US presidential election. However,  she failed to win

iMotions eye tracking solutions
By - Philip Philip Mahler

A Closer Look at iMotions Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking with iMotions As  previously covered on Conversion-Uplift, eye tracking is a tool that is becoming increasingly popular for a host of digital marketing issues, including conversion rate optimisation. The original post covered specific eye tracking and facial recognition solutions that have sprung up in recent years. Here we’ll go more in detail on one of the several eye

Multi-armed bandits seek to aggressively optimise content
By - Neal Cole

Are Multi-Armed Bandit Tests Superior To A/B Tests?

  What are multi-armed bandit tests?   Multi-armed bandit tests (MAB) uses an algorithm to proactively seek out the best performing experience and aggressively optimises to increase the average conversion rate during a test. This means that you can earn and learn simultaneously as traffic is automatically switched to the variant with the highest conversion rate. What is a bandit?

By - Neal Cole

Secrets of Optimising Gambling Sites – Bonuses

Bonuses on Gambling Sites : Until I moved to Gibraltar, the self-proclaimed home of online gambling sites, I had not given much thought to the challenges of optimising gambling sites and how they use bonuses to attract new customers. I previously worked in e-commerce and financial services so it was a bit of a change. Once I had completed a

Emotional factors played a big part in the outcome of the US presidential election.
By - Neal Cole

Why did the polls get it wrong again?

When will we learn? The opinion polls were wrong again! Just like in 2015 with the UK General Election the US polls wrongly predicted the outcome. Why are opinion polls wrong, wrong, wrong? The most obvious reason is that we are inter-connected, emotionally volatile beings, with complex underlying psychological motivations that subconsciously drive our behaviour. We are not fully aware

Blogging is an important element of content marketing
By - Neal Cole

5 Reasons To Build A Business Blog Today

Big business abandons blogging. Blogging is dead. Is it true? Yes, big companies are abandoning their blogs, probably because the ROI is difficult to calculate and shareholders complain too much. No, blogging is no more extinct than the last time it was declared a dead donkey. Hasn’t social media marketing taken over? Forget it. Social media is for fun, not

Product review of live chat solution
By - Neal Cole

Crowdstream – Live Chat Product Review Product Review:   Live chat is a proven tool for engaging with website visitors in real-time to assist them in their user journey. Whether it’s problem resolution, customer feedback, or just providing reassurance to visitors that they can have a conversation almost instantly if they get into difficulties. However, most live chat solutions charge a set amount per agent