By - Neal Cole

How To Do Keyword Research!

6 Steps To Follow For Your Keyword Research:  Updated 6th December 2017 Keyword research remains an essential part of SEO strategy for both organic and paid traffic optimisation. With the Hummingbird update long-tail keywords became more important to SEO. As a result keyword research needs to consider optimising a website on a semantic level to inform a site’s architecture and

By - Neal Cole

Conversion Rate Optimisation In 9 Simple Steps

  How To Optimise Your Conversions: The biggest mistake people make with conversion rate optimisation is not having a well-defined process to ensure a systematic approach to improving success metrics such as revenues or sales. Without such a process you are almost certainly going to fail to fully benefit from  A/B testing and achieve consistent and sustainable gains in your conversion

By - Neal Cole

22 SEO Audit & Link Building Tools To Get More Visitors

  Updated 16/1/18: What Is Link Building? Establishing good quality back-links to your website though an SEO audit and link building activity  is crucial to improving the credibility of your site. It’s one of the few ways that search engine spiders can tell if other people value your content. You can use an SEO audit tool to Identify what content

By - Neal Cole

11 Card Sorting Tools To Improve Information Architecture

What is Card Sorting? Updated 20/12/17: Online card sorting  is a usability tool that  helps categorise your webpages by identifying how visitors would expect to find content or functionality. Online card sorting is a quick and simple way of evaluating  your information architecture, workflow, menu structure or user navigation journeys. Card sorting  tools ask users to organise topics into categories

Conversion rate optimisation is a strategic process for driving business growth
By - Neal Cole

6 Conversion Optimisation Myths That Must Die

  Common Conversion Optimisation Myths: There are a number of common conversion optimisation myths that must die. Conversion rate optimisation a strategic process that involves measuring performance and learning as we go. If we restrict our ability to learn by listening to commonly held conversion optimisation myths about design and optimisation we risk undermining the whole optimisation process. These myths must

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