By - Neal Cole

Reward Psychology & How To Motivate Customers To Return

Reward Psychology – Understanding Automatic Behaviour:   To encourage visitors to undertake a new behaviour on your  website, such as making a first purchase or playing a game, you might want to offer something to reward that activity. But when should you provide a reward and how do you encourage repetitive behaviour? This post examines reward psychology so that you can create

By - Neal Cole

Cross Browser Testing Tools To Improve Conversions

Why Cross-Browser Testing Tools? Do you every wonder why your conversion rate is significantly lower on some browsers and devices? This is because web pages can look very different in each browser they are viewed in because a browser understands some code slightly different than other browsers. This can often be the cause of your conversion rate being significantly lower

Why did the Opinion polls get it so wrong for the UK 2015 General Election?
By - Neal Cole

Why Did Opinion Polls Get It So Wrong in 2015?

Are Opinion Polls Flawed? The shock result of the the 2015 UK general election and the EU referendum called into question the market research industry’s ability to accurately predict future behaviour using opinion polls. Is this an example of an outdated and flawed measurement method being shown to be incapable of delivering the insights it is meant to provide? Is

By - Neal Cole

Is Your Mobile Only User Journey Leaking Cash?

  The Rise of The Mobile Only User: Since 2014 mobile devices have been the most used device to browse the internet. But this is only a transient stage in the shift towards the dominance of mobile devices. The real change is the mobile only user, where visitors rely solely on their mobile devices and never return to a laptop or PC.

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