By - Neal Cole

10 Website & Shopping-Cart Abandonment Tools

Site & Shopping-Cart Abandonment Costs Money: Updated: 7th December 2017 On average, around 96% of people who visit a website will leave without generating a lead or converting. Many have no intention or desire to convert. They are probably not be in the market for what you sell or offer. Some will have arrived on your site by mistake or

Psychological instincts get attention!
By - Neal Cole

Psychological Instincts To Boost Conversions

11 Psychological Instincts To Grab Visitor Attention: Instincts are triggered by our brain to alert us to threats. We are programmed to respond to some instincts, such as fear, without any conscious thought to protect us from harm. Fear and other instincts are powerful behavioural motivators and can be targeted by marketers to cut through the noise that surrounds us.

By - Neal Cole

6 Myths About Word Of Mouth Marketing

Importance of peer-to-peer influence:   Word of mouth is an important element of peer-to-peer influence. Our herd instinct is a powerful force in spreading new ideas, culture, products or behaviour. Without visibility a new practice or technology will not spread to the wider population. As a result word of mouth (WoM) marketing has grown in importance as businesses have recognised