By - Neal Cole

5 Voice of Customer Programme Strategies

Does Your Voice of Customer programme deliver value?  To get more value from your voice of customer programme don’t follow the standard, but flawed approach. This means not just using conventional surveys, but instead employing more collaborative and in-depth research techniques. Below I outline some strategies to ensure your voice of customer programme delivers real and valuable insights. 1.    Give stakeholder

By - Neal Cole

Which Are The Best A/B Testing Tools?

A Guide To Selecting A/B Testing Tools: A/B  testing tools are an important component of conversion rate optimisation. It allows you to serve and measure the relative performance of different experiences by managing online controlled experiments. Increasingly A/B testing tools also enable you to personalise your customer experience and discover new customer segments based upon behaviour rather than just demographics.

By - Neal Cole

How Should You Prioritise Your A/B Test Ideas?

Getting Maximum Return on Investment:   Before you begin A/B testing it is critical to ensure you prioritise A/B tests so that you achieve maximum benefit for your organisation. This means you must be careful to prioritise the pages and journeys most likely to have a large impact on your organisation’s goals and related key metrics. However, at the same

By - Neal Cole

Do Brand Guidelines Suffocate Innovation ?

  Your brand is one of the most powerful assets your organisation has but do brand guidelines help or hinder its development? Your brand serves as a short-cut to decision making as it should be instantly recognisable. The mere-exposure effect suggests that the more people are exposed to a brand the more favourable them become to it.   Rightly or

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