By - Neal Cole

Stop Using focus Groups To Evaluate Your Home Page

Why do people use focus groups to evaluate new designs?   “Focus groups are not usability tests” says the usability expert Steve Krug in his book Don’t Make Me Think.  But focus groups are also a very flawed method of research for evaluating any concept or design.   That’s why I was surprised when I attended a conference on conversion optimisation

By - Neal Cole

Why Do People Prefer Gut Instinct to Research?

Behavioural Economics and Gut Instinct:   Business people pride themselves in their decision making and many  businesses embed market and competitor research into this process. However, business people often prefer their gut instinct as they are prone to the same human frailties as everyone else. This can discourage the use of research and experimentation as a way of gaining feedback

By - Neal Cole

Should You Test Your Call To Action Buttons?

Testing Call To Action Buttons! Call to action (CTAs) buttons can be an important element of website optimisation. They determine where a customer should go next.  However, sometimes testing  the call to action appears to be the default strategy for optimising web pages. This may be based upon the assumption that a web page is largely optimised, but whatever the

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