By - Neal Cole

7 Myths About Conversion Optimisation!

Revised 28th November 2017: Don’t Make These Conversion Optimisation Mistakes: As online businesses have matured and competition for customers has intensified, conversion optimisation has become an increasingly important method for improving the customer experience and ultimately conversion. Developing a program of conversion optimisation using split (A/B) testing and Multivariate Testing (MVT) enables organisations to identify which new elements of a

Not invented here bias can slow down the adoption of good new ideas
By - Neal Cole

Is Not Invented Here Bias Undermining Your Growth?

What is not invented here bias? Even in the digital age new ideas and innovations can take a long time to be adopted by organisations that could benefit from them. Why is this? Not invented here bias refers to where “If I (or we) didn’t invent it, then it’s not worth much.” The behavioural economist Dan Ariely conducted experiments to

By - Neal Cole

Why Should You Stop Using Focus Groups?

Why are focus groups problematic? When I first set out as a client-side Customer Insight Manager focus groups were frequently suggested to me as a suitable exploratory method of research. Initially this wasn’t a problem. I was new to the industry. However, over the years I gradually become more aware of their frailties. I have come across some excellent moderators. But

Our behaviour is influenced by connections through out social networks
By - Neal Cole

Unlocking Insights With Behavioural Economics

Can Behavioural Economics Save Market Research? When I first started working in market research I realised that people frequently don’t say what they mean and don’t do what they say. Behavioural economics suggests that this is because our decisions are heavily influenced by cognitive biases, we post-rationalise (see Choice Supportive bias) the reasons for decisions and behaviour is strongly influenced

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