11 Tips to Become a Better Java Developer

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Better Java Developer:


Java is an object-oriented programming language that was launched way back in 1995. It is the second most popular programming language after C and is used in client-side A/B testing to manipulate a web page in the browser. Java is immensely popular among developers due to its simplicity and versatility.


Why should you learn JavaScript? For beginners, Java developers’ average annual income is over $80,000. Add the fact that Java runs on over a billion Android phones and you can see that the future is bright for Java developers. Java is a popular choice of new developers because it is easy to learn thanks to the best Java books, online Java courses, and Java communities. Along with that, here are 11 tips that will instantly make you a better Java developer.

11 Tips to become a better Java developer

Java developers rely on programs and tools for development. While there is a plethora of programs and tools, we have chosen the best and the easiest tools and programs that help you become a better Java developer


Continuous integration is an integral part of any Java software. Software development involves continuous building, testing, deployment, and automation. Jenkins is an excellent open-source server that provides automation functionalities via hundreds of plugins. Jenkins is a popular choice because it is easy to install and configure. Jenkins is your key to becoming a better Java developer.

Docker and Kubernetes

DevOps is an essential requirement in these fast-paced times. It ensures the timely delivery of applications and services. It also improves scaling, collaboration and security. Docker and Kubernetes is your gateway to implementing DevOps tasks. Docker helps you set up automatic deployment across servers, machines, data centers, and the cloud. Kubernetes makes the code deployment process easy via rapid rollouts of new releases.


Git is a very popular open-source version control system for developers. Git makes sustaining projects easier. Git is free, fast, and lightweight. Learning Git is an important step to becoming a better Java developer.

Learning Design Patterns

Design patterns are paramount to Java development. They have many advantages. Other developers find it easy to modify Java applications that follow design patterns. They also provide more flexibility and efficiency to applications. Most of the best Java books cover design patterns.

RESTful Web Services

REST API and RESTful Web Services are in great demand in the software and web development world. Based on REST Architecture, RESTful Web Services are widely used for web-based application APIs. They are popular because of their lightweight nature, scalability, and easy maintenance.

Java 16 Development Kit (JDK 16)

JDK 16 is the latest development kit by Java that was released in March 2020. JDK 16 contains numerous features that significantly improve the application. The Z Garbage Collector has been moved from safepoints to concurrent phases. This removes the issues of Garbage Collection and scalability. Additionally, the JDK now supports 14 C++ language features. The Metaspace also got more elastic as it now utilizes unused hotspot memory more efficiently. Check out the latest and the best Java books for insight into JDK 16.

Learn Scala or Kotlin

Knowing several programming languages is good for your career and learning JVM languages is priceless for Java developers. Scala and Kotlin are two popular JVM languages that are easy to learn. Kotlin is especially significant because Google’s designated language for Android development. The future is mobile and Kotlin is the wildcard entry to it.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices Architecture is the present and future of software development. Tech giants and companies are replacing monolithic services with microservices. Microservices handle specific tasks which makes them scalable. Even error detection is easier in Microservices Architecture. Learning Microservices Architecture is imperative for Java developers.

Unit Testing (JUnit and Mockito)

Java developers must have a thorough knowledge of unit testing. Most of the best Java books shed light on unit testing. Unit testing ensures that different components of your code work correctly. Several tools make unit testing easier. JUnit and Mockito are the two most popular unit testing tools. JUnit helps you identify bugs early on to ensure error-free code. On the other hand, Mockito lets you test different functionalities in isolation using dummy implementations of interfaces and classes.

APIs and Libraries

Java is a treasure chest of APIs and libraries. Developers heavily rely on these APIs and libraries. It is difficult to learn about all of them. But, learning about JSON processing APIs, XML processing APIs, and the aforementioned unit testing libraries Mockito and JUnit is paramount. Knowing about parsing, concurrency, logging, database, and HTTP libraries helps you become a better Java developer. The best Java books and online courses have chapters dedicated to important APIs and libraries.

Spring Framework

Spring is an application development framework that is immensely popular among Java developers across the world. Its popularity stems from its efficiency, ease of use, and reusability. Spring is also known for its Aspect-Oriented Programming approach. Spring Framework has several other advantages that you will learn as you dive deep into it.

Where to learn Java?

CodeGym has a library of the best Java books for beginners as well as advanced developers. These Java books teach Java basics, Java fundamentals, Java for Android games, agile software development, and more.


In addition to the best Java books, CodeGym also offers excellent online courses for learning Java. These courses teach you Java Syntax, Java Core, Java Multithreading, and Java Collections. SQL and Hibernate and JSP and Servlets online courses will be added soon.

Online Java Communities

Online Java communities are perfect for learning from and conversing with other Java developers. You can always get your questions answered by experienced Java developers. These communities are also the hub of the latest Java news, trends, tips, and hacks. Some of the most popular communities are GitHub, HackerNews, StackOverflow, and Reddit.


Learning Java is both easy and beneficial for your career. The aforementioned 11 tips will make you a better Java developer. Along with that, you can learn from the best Java books, CodeGym online courses, and online Java communities.