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Clients of Conversion Uplift Ltd include, RGA, Maths Whizz Education and

Improving Revenues From Digital Marketing

We are a marketing consultancy which specialises in conversion rate optimisation using behavioural change strategies to improve your conversion rate .

  • We use insights from psychology, user feedback, usability testing and data analytics to improve the digital customer experience and grow revenues.
  • We apply behavioural change techniques, such as loss aversion and social norms, to nudge customers towards their goals and  to increase your conversion rate.

We are located near Wrexham and Chester,  but work for organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

For an introductory consultation contact us by email  – –  or  phone on +44 (0)77649 51465. 

What clients say:

RGAx – Re-insurer based in London:

“Conversion Uplift worked with RGAx on the development of a new customer service and was a real asset in that process. They brought genuine insight and expertise to the group.” – Richard Verdin, Managing Director, RGA EMEA.

Bwin and – gaming sites based in London:

“Conversion Uplift gets to bottom of your problem, and brings clear, concise and thorough plans to the table. They  will be the first guys I contact when I need conversion help and I couldn’t recommend them any higher!” – Danny Mahon, Head of Marketing at Foxy Bingo and – Award winning virtual maths tutor:

I worked with Conversion Uplift on a competitor analysis based on web site strategy, traffic and buyer behaviour. They were very open to understanding my goals for the project and worked with me every step of the way in preparing the report I needed. They are very knowledgeable in all of the aspects of digital marketing and CRO that we discussed. I very much appreciated their insights and recommend them highly. – Bill McLaughlin – CMO at Whizz Education

What makes us different?

We are marketing strategists who understand user psychology and how to use conversion rate optimisation to maximise revenues.

We deliver value through our expertise in:

  • Website & app design evaluation and optimisation
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Web and SEO analytics and optimisation
  • Usability testing – remote and face-to-face
  • Buyer persona development and customer segmentation
  • Customer research and competitor analysis
  • Due diligence analysis of the market and key competitors

We’ve worked for online brands such as Deezer, the music app,  the gaming site, Maths Whizz the maths tuition website  and  RGAx  – the insurance company.

How does conversion rate optimisation work?

We tailor every project to the client’s needs and priorities. We use a variety of techniques to improve your conversion rate, from web analytics, heuristic analysis (e.g. The Lift Model), usability testing,  buyer personas and customer journey analysis.


We use the lift model for conversion rate optimisation

Image Source: Widerfunnel

The Lift Model from Widerfunnel offers a simple but effective framework for evaluating websites and mobile apps. We use it extensively as it is easy for anyone to understand. There is no need to over-complicate conversion rate optimisation.

Ready to make more money from your digital marketing?

Begin your conversion rate optimisation programme by contacting  us by email at   – –  or  by phone on +44 (0)77649 51465.