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Welcome to my archive of my blog posts. I have  categorised articles into eight key topics, but alternatively you can use the search function above.

You can also browse my Conversion Marketing Glossary of over 200 key terms and examples from behavioural sciences and marketing.

  1. Behavioural science – Psychology & how we make decisions.
  2. Blogs – Reasons to start a blog
  3. Digital marketing & website optimization
  4. European Union Referendum
  5. Innovation
  6. Marketing and media
  7. Market research & insights
  8. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
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Behavioural Science:

Arousal Are images of beautiful women on websites a distraction?

Brexit decision making psychology: Why emotion won over logic.

Co-operation in social networks: What makes social networks tick?

Decision-making journey: Is it time to kill-off the conversion funnel?

Decision-making rules of thumb: Why do people prefer their gut instinct to research?

Decision-making: Are people more rational when buying financial services and big ticket items?

Loss aversion: Why are people more concerned potential losses than winnings?

Marketing: 4 Common myths about human decision-making.

Marketing and behavioural economics: Does MarComs signal the death of marketing?

Motivations: What does mountaineering tell us about human motivations?

Names – how they influence behaviour: How to use the power of names to boost conversion

Pokemon Go: The psychology of Pokemon Go & how to benefit from the obsession.

Social influence on human decisions: Are most purchase decisions the result of other’s behaviour and opinions? 

Social influence: How do social networks influence human behaviour?

Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman: Do you want to understand how people make decisions?


Writing blog posts: 8 reasons to start blogging today!

Business blogs – 5 reasons to build a business blog today!

Digital Marketing & Website Optimization:


Conversion Architecture Model image

A/B Testing tools: Which A/B testing tool should you choose?

Abandonment recovery & re-marketing: 8 Tools to engage visitors who abandon your website

Address Lookup for forms & checkout: 10 Free & paid for address lookup solutions to boost conversion.

Bandit testing – Are bandit tests superior to A/B tests?

Books for website optimization: 10 awesome books to help you optimize your website. 

Conversion funnel: Is it time to kill-off the conversion funnel?

Cross-browser testing 12 Cross Browser testing tools to improve user experience and your conversion rate.

Cultural dimensions:What you need to know about cross-cultural website optimization.

Basics – why A/B test: Why do companies not A/B test their websites?

Brand guidelines & testing: Why are your brand guidelines suffocating your ability to innovate?

CAPTCHA: What does psychology tell us about using CAPTCHA on websites?

Card sorting: How to use online card sorting to improve your site architecture and 6 tools to use.

Conversion conference 2015: Insights for website optimization.


Design feedback: Why you should not use focus groups to evaluate your home page! 

Email marketing: 12 email verification solutions to boost conversions.

Explainer video: How to create an awesome explainer video.

Eye tracking & facial coding: Awesome eye tracking solutions.

Friction and cognitive load: How to minimise cognitive load to improve usability.

Gambling sites: Secrets of optimising gambling sites – bonuses

Glossary of conversion: Glossary of conversion marketing terms.

Hotjar Insight: Can you really get heatmaps, form analytics, online surveys,user testing and more for $29 a month?

Icons for navigation: Are Icons without labels conversion killers?

Image optimization: Image optimization tools to improve load speed and conversion.

Images of women: Do images of beautiful women boost conversion?

Live chat: How to use live chat to increase sales.

Load speed: How to improve site load speed to increase conversions. 

Low-contrast content: Why does low-contrast text kill your conversion rate?

Mobile only usersWhy the mobile only user experience needs your attention right now.

Myths about website optimization6 myths about website optimization that must die

Names: How to use the power of names to boost conversion

Navigation findability: How to improve your website navigation using tree testing.

Navigation and onboarding tools: How to improve conversions using customer onboarding platforms.

Optimization process: 8 steps guaranteed to boost your conversion rate.

Personas: How to use personas to improve conversions.

Poker: How can poker help boost your conversion rate?

Prioritising testing ideas: How should you prioritise your A/B testing ideas?

Psychological instincts: 11 psychological instincts to improve your content marketing.

Ratings & reviews: 6 rating and review platforms to build credibility and trust.

Rewarding behaviour: The psychology of rewards & how to motivate your customers.

Strategy: Should testing your calls to action be a default strategy for conversion optimisation?

Strategy7 Marketing myths about online conversion optimisation

Testing plan creation – 6 types of test to optimize websites: How to optimize your website’s performance.

Tips for conversion: 17 Conversion tips to help optimise your website

Tools: The ultimate Digital Marketing & Website Optimization Toolbox – Over 300 tools, including many free tools, to optimize your conversion rate.

Video spokesperson: How did Virgin Holidays achieve a 30% uplift in seat upgrades?

Visual analytics: 15 free and paid for visual analytics solutions to boost revenues.

Voice of Customer tools: How to use online Voice of Customer tools to boost conversion.

Web analytics: 18 Free and Paid For Web Analytics Solutions.

 European Union Referendum:

Benefits of working in the EU: Are we taking the  benefits of  membership of the EU for granted?

Marketing lessons: 7 marketing lessons from the Brexit campaigns

Psychology and voting: The psychology of Brexit – Why emotions won over logic!

Referendum: Are referendum a device of dictators and demagogues? 


Not invented here bias: Why does it take time for good ideas to be adopted?



Marketing & Media:

Marketing word cloud image


Brexit campaign: 7 marketing lessons from the Brexit campaigns.

Why people buy brands: Do people really connect with brands at an emotional level?

Pokemon Go: The psychology of Pokemon Go & how to benefit from the obsession. 

Social media: Over 50 awesome tools to optimize your social media activity.

Strategy: Is digital marketing a zero-sum game?

Word of Mouth marketing: 6 Myths About Word of Mouth Marketing

Market Research & Usability:

Market Research word cloud image

Action planning: How can you ensure research influences and is linked to marketing strategy?

Behavioural economicsIs behavioural economics the key to unlocking insights?

Card sorting: 6 online card sorting tools to improve website navigation.

Competitor analysis: 10 website audience comparison tools for competitor benchmarking.

Eye tracking & facial coding solutions: Awesome eye tracking solutions to optimise digital content. 

Focus groups: Why should you stop using focus groups?

Insights: Do companies care about the quality of market research?

Law of small numbers: Why are many modern day myths created by social scientists and market researchers?

Online survey tools: How to use online voice of customer tools to boost conversion + 22 tools to use.

Mystery shopping: Why should you use video mystery shopping to protect your brand?

Perception of market research: What do business people really thing about market research?

Political opinion polls: Why did the opinion polls fail to accurately predict the 2015 UK General Election result?

US political poll:  Why did the polls get it wrong again?

Political opinion polls & voters: Do opinion polls influence voters?

Reliability of usability research: Does usability research reflect real human behaviour?

Tree testing: How to improve your website navigation using tree testing.

Usability testing: How to do usability testing to improve conversions

Value of research: Why do companies buy cheap market research?

Voice Of the Customer Programmes: 5 Ways to get more valuable insights from your Voice Of the Customer programme.

Voice of the Customer Surveys: Why are Voice Of the Customer surveys fundamentally flawed?

Why customers visit websites:  Remember what visitors want from your website!


SEO and mouse image

Keyword research: How to do keyword research and 18 awesome tools to use.

Link building tools: 18 powerful link building tools to drive more traffic to your website.

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