Conversion rate optimisation is a strategic process for driving business growth


Hi, I’m Neal

I have a passion for digital optimisation and applying best practice Image of Neal Cole, Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialistand behavioural science to help solve marketing problems.

I offer consultancy services to organisations seeking to improve the performance of their digital channels.

What is behavioural science you ask? Well, it’s essentially about understanding the psychology of  how people make decisions in real life, and assisting this process in website design and optimization.

Disciplines required for website optimization
Disciplines Required for Website Optimization

I improve revenues and conversion rates for websites using a number of strategies including  web analytics, heuristic analysis, customer journey mapping and A/B testing. Prior to  working in conversion I was a Market Research and Customer Insight manger for over 10 years for blue-chip retailers and financial services companies. This gave me a passion for trying to understand the psychology of human decision making.

Steps in AB Testing Process
Steps in A/B Testing Process

If you are interested in website optimization or digital marketing in general check out my free toolbox with over 300 resources. If you would like to ask me any questions you can email me on and I’ll be happy to see if I can help.

Many thanks for your interest in my site.

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